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SOUND - FOH System
Should be a 4-way system with enough horsepower to deliver 115db at the mix position without distortion. 
The front house engineer must have the ability to adjust system limiters if required.
The system must be in good working condition, with no hums or buzzes and provide even coverage throughout the venue. 
It will need to be flown where it is practical and suitable in/outfills supplied (with time alignment, equalizers and separate matrix feeds) 
to cover problem areas.
Preferred systems are EAW, D+B or Meyerñ Configuration to be discussed

FOH Console Drive + Effects
1 x Midas Heritage 3000/ YAMAHA PM 3500/4000
2 x 1/3rd Octave Equalizers (Klark DN 360, BSS 960)
1 x Lexicon PCM70 Multi Effect Processor
1 x Yamaha SPX900
1 x DDL ( SDE / T.C.Electronic )
6 x channels DBX160X compressors
4 x channels Drawmer DS201 noise gate
1 x CD Player
Monitor System
Preferred console Midas H-3000 / PM 4000
7 x channels quality 1/3rd Octave equalizer (Klark N 360, BSS960 or BSS Varicurve with 900i Controller)
8 x Bi-amped Wedges Prefer 12î/2î including cues (if there are no side fills these wedges must be in good order and powered correctly)
1 x Drum fill Prefer with sub.
2 x Side fills to be stereo. (Optional)
LIGHTING: First Class Lighting Rig to suit venue

We expect a minimum of two english speaking FOH / Monitor system engineers 
that are familiar with the system during the setup and show, 
one competent english speaking engineer to operate during sound check and the whole show, 
plus one competent english speaking lighting technician.

1 x First Class Bass Amp eg. Marshall Bass Stack / Trace Elliot 200 W / Ampeg
2 x First Class Guitar Amps eg. 1x Marshall JCM Stack , 1x Fender Twin Reverb
Full professional left handed Drumkit (Pearl, Ludwig, Yamaha or Drum Workshop preferred):
22" Bass Drum
14" Snare
12" Rack Tom
13" Rack Tom
16" Floor Tom
Cymbals: (Zildjian preferred)
14" Hi-Hat cymbals
15" Crash cymbal
17" Crash cymbal
20" Ride cymbal
Hardware: Kick Pedal
Snare Stand
Hi-Hat Stand
3x Cymbal Stands
Drum Stool

1 x Timbales incl. Cow Bell   
Provided by Promoter  

CATERING: 1 hot meal (no fast food) plus beverages on usual scale free. Still water on stage.

HOTEL: 4 single rooms

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